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My home office setup after 4 years of working from home

I have been working from home for a few years now and have found some great products that work for me. I’ll give you a tour of the space with links to the items. In general I think they hit a good balance between usability and cost and do a really good job.


The standing desk is from Fully. They have a lot of different customization options so you can get one that fits really well in your space. I had a narrow area between the wall and the window so I got a 36inch version. This one has 4 memory slots which is a great help. I have set them to standing, sitting, and video conferencing when I need the camera slightly lower. You can also set it to standing heights for other people in your family or workspace.

Fully Jarvis ~$490

Autonomous also have great desks that start around $379


The chair is Avo Chair from Autonomous. Although you can really spend a lot of money on the industry standards this chair is very comfortable and has enough adjustments for me and it’s one of the best looking chairs in my opinion for the price.

Avo Chair from Autonomous ~$219


The monitor is a 27 inch LG 4K monitor. I didn’t want to have multiple monitors and this one has more than enough resolution for what I need. I only wish it was slightly bigger, at full 4K the text is too small for me to read. My current resolution is 2560x1440 and it can go up to 3840x2160. I love how small the bezels are and it works great with a monitor arm.

LG LG 27UD68-W 4K Monitor ~$399


The camera is an essential part of the setup. This one is Logitech C615. It’s and HD camera that’s not trying to be too many things at once. It has great video quality and a microphone. It’s definitely a step up from the Mac webcam. With video calls you don’t really get to transmit a very high quality image anyway so I think anything bigger is overkill.

Logitech C615 HD ~$40


Headphones are Soundcore Life Q20. These are noise canceling wireless headphones. Most people have probably heard of Bose and Sony noise canceling headphones. They are absolutely amazing but at around $350-$500 price range. These headphones are $60 and come 90% of the way there. I tested the noise canceling in flights and offices, they work great. I wish it had better battery life and could switch between devices better, but for the money there is no competition. The audio quality is amazing and it works very well in conference calls as well. If you want to get a standing desk, in my opinion you should also get wireless headphones because part of the advantage of standing is the ability to move around and wireless headphones are amazing for that. You can even step into the kitchen and pour yourself a tea without losing any of the audio. (Your experience may vary depending on how far your kitchen is)

Soundcore Life Q20 ~$60


As you can see I set down my MacBook and use external keyboard and mouse instead. Some people use their MacBook open and type on it and use it as a second screen but I have a big enough monitor that I don’t need that and there are better keyboards and mice you can use. The keyboard I use is Logitech K750. It works great with Macs and the keypress feels very natural to me, but you need to check how it feels for you. This keyboard is wireless and is charged with sunlight. I have used another one in my previous work for about 3 years and never saw it not be charged and it never needs a battery. That’s pretty amazing.

Logitech K750 ~$60


The mouse I use is Logitech M720. This is a pretty well known mouse and it is simply amazing. It’s great to hold and is filled with customizable buttons. This is a must have in order to replace some commonly used finger gestures for the Mac. I currently have them set up to switch between spaces in the Mac. It can also easily connect to up to 3 devices. This comes in handy when in the evenings I switch from my work laptop to personal laptop.

Logitech M720 ~$50


There are a few other accessories too that make life easier. For instance you need a USB-C hub if you have a MacBook with only two USB-C ports (which are most of the modern ones) There are many possibilities but this one from Mokin does the job. And also if you want cables to not be limiting your standing desk movement a good call is to put a surge protector/extension cord right on your desk. This way you can more easily charge devices. I use this UT Wire box.


Altogether this is around $1300, so it’s not cheap and there are many ways to get a cheaper setup but after testing and trying many different options this setup works best for me. I hope this helps to give you ideas as you are preparing your own workspace.

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